Thursday, March 4, 2010


So I thought I would share a way that I have learned how to make a few extra bucks to help by Michael's long list of books for his classes. SWAGBUCKS!!! It is simply a search engine, similar to yahoo or google, but you win "bucks" that you can cash in for some great things--we personally go for the amazon gift cards. I haven't been using this too long and have already cashed in for $30 to amazon. All for just using their search engine, instead of going to google or yahoo (or whatever else you might use). I have a link on the side of my blog, I am not quite sure how the whole referral thing works, but you can help me win bucks too. Then you get referrals and make more and we are all making some free money ;) So far I have no referrals, but would love to have some! Let me know if you have any questions, I would love for you to earn some amazon cards (or they even have paypal money!!!) Just think, if you start now, you can save your bucks and cash in for Christmas gifts!

Night, Night!!

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