Thursday, March 4, 2010

Here we go!!

Well, I am gonna give this blog thing a whirl (again..) We shall see how it goes.
My plans for this blog:
keep family and friends up to date with our crazy life.
share coupon deals that I find around town.
share recipes that I am trying out.
share sewing ideas that I might try, or things I make for little miss Sarah Kate :)

I think this will be fun, we shall see! So far, I have found somewhat of what i think is a cute background thing, but other than that I have no clue how to set this thing up (or make it cuter).

Anyhow, follow if you like, if not, don't tell me, it will hurt my feelings! I do pray that this blog brings glory to God and honors Him. That is my ultimate goal. He has blessed me so much and I simply feel the need to share with others. God is so good to me and has given me so much more that my sinful self ever deserved.

Just to start things off, let's talk coupons (you know you will hear about this right :) At publix yesterday, I spent 8 and saved somewhere around 35! This trip included:
Boost Kid's Essentials for SK--these alone are$10
Tyson entree--$1 printable online and $2 publix coupon in a publix mag
King's hawaian rolls--peelie found on the tyson for free rolls
Tums--priced $1.99 and there is a $4 off 2 in newspaper (can't remember which right now--i can look it up later if anyone needs this :)
Quaker oatmeal--b1g1 with $1 coupon
Naked Juice--free with oatmeal coupon in same publix mag
Sundown Vitamin D X2--free with green adv. flyer coupon and peelies
Publix Cookies--penny item
Bird's Eye frozen veggies X2 --free with new yellow flyer and newspaper coupon

That's about it for now, Maybe i will get better at this, maybe not, but I think it will be fun! I will try to do better about matching up coupons so you know where to look to find them too---that is when i am not lazily laying in the bed waiting for the princess to rise and shine!

Hope yall have a great day!!


  1. Yay for a blog! Saw the link on FB. Look forward to reading it!

    -Susie (Poythress) Long

  2. woo hoo! i'm glad you started a blog. i am looking forward to reading your thoughts. i have one too, i only update it about once or twice a month.