Thursday, March 18, 2010

Home, Sweet Home!

Well, we are finally home! What a whirlwind the last couple weeks have been. We spent last weekend in Jackson, MS, and this week in St. Louis, MO. We had a great time as a fam on both trips and made some great memories, but I sure am happy to be in my bed tonight :) Here is a short list of fun things from our trip in st. louis:
1. Sarah Kate looking out of our window in our room and begging to go swing and play on the playground!--She got to play a lot on this trip, which she loved :)

2. The joys of having a nearly 2 year old in a car for 8 hours: here's how it would go:
"Mama, drink?"
"Mama, book?"
"Cracker, please"
and so on, and so forth. We got request every 30 seconds it seemed, but she was good overall, considering she is nearly 2 and was stuck in her seat--though, she did discover how to get her arms out of the straps on the way home. OH! and use her foot to reach the button to open her window--that was quite funny!

3. Sarah Kate's face when I let her try Root Beer at Fitz (a fun place we ate the first night there). Let's just say I think she will follow her daddy's footsteps and not like root beer :)

Overall, it was a wonderful trip! As we came home last night, we pulled up to a sale sign in our front yard. We don't know where the Lord is going to lead us, but we are excited to see what He has in store for our family. Now I will end with some pics from our trip!

Where we stayed on campus

Daddy and Sarah Kate at the arch

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