Saturday, March 27, 2010

Homemade Laundry Detergent

So Sarah Kate and I are hanging out this morning, while Michael is up at the church work day. I thought it would be a good day to try out this whole homemade laundry detergent. I had heard of this some time back, but got reintroduced to it talking with a friend while in Mississippi a couple of weeks ago. She sent me the link for this blog about how to make it. On her blog, I was able to find this website for a recipe to make the laundry detergent. A couple of days ago I headed to Walmart (I know, I really REALLY don't like that store and normally do not ever shop there) to get the things I would need to make it. After finally finding borax (on the laundry aisle) and having to call Kim to find the washing soda (PH-up, found in the swimming pool section--random, I know), we headed home. I must say, the hardest part was grating the soap bars, which I discovered in the midst of making, that if you are not using the felts soap stuff (I used soap bars instead, as it said on that blog) you need to use 2 soap bars (not 1/3 like the other stuff). That is a lot of grating!! So, now the bucket sits in my sink, as it must sit for 24 hours and then tadah! you have laundry detergent. Overall, you have to put out about $10 for the supplies to start, but these supplies will last for quite some time and make plenty more batches of soap.
I must say, I do love my ALL laundry detergent, and if I can get it for really cheap, I might still occasionally get some, but making it was so easy and quick! Maybe I am done with buying it, I will make my final decision after I was some clothes with it and see how that goes :)
Next, I plan to try making household cleaner (as found on my link to simplemom's blog on the right) and glass cleaner. Sarah Kate is definitely getting at the age where she is wanting to help when I clean, and I want to support that if she is interested. Therefore, I want to have cleaners that are safe for children and won't harm her!

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  1. Michelle,I just made my 1st batch today... we'll see tomorrow if it turned out. I got Ivory soap bars and shaved them w/ a vegetable peeler, then chopped even finer w/ a chef's knife before dissolving in hot water. Just thought I'd share the idea. Rebecca Ray PS-Funny that this said "Jonathan said" when I previewed it. I guess that's leftover from Jonathan's blogging days in the NICU! :)