Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Publix Deals 3/10-3/17

Hey folks! Well we made it back from Jackson. We had an awesome time and were quite encouraged from the time there. Next, we are off the St. Louis. Please pray for Sarah Kate, she caught some sort of bug I guess while there and was throwing up yesterday (at lunch with a dean at the school) and on the way home yesterday afternoon. She is better acting so far this morning, but still hasn't eaten since Monday. She is drinking well and I hope to get some crackers down soon, when she wakes. Pray that Michael and I don't catch it, please.

On to other news, Publix has some descent deals this week that you can check out at iheartpublix or southernsavers (links on my sidebar). Since we have been out of town and will be out again soon, I won't be doing too much shopping, but I do plan to go get these two deals for sure:

Land o Lakes buttery spread:
b1g1 at $1.89 (not sure if this is the exact price, but should be close to that).
Use the 50 cent coupon from the 2/7 SS which will double--making it free, plus overage!!

Also there is a deal for $2 off ground meat (beef) when you buy 2 ole el paso products and $1 off 2 el paso products.

my plan:

buy 2 green chilis--1.35
1 lb. ground chuck-- 2.69
this 55 cent coupon for the chilis:http://http//
Print 2 (per computer allowed)
I also have a $1 off fresh meat Publix coupon (baby club)
Total: 1.29

I am sure there are plenty more deals, but we are limited on time this week and I don't need too much. While you are there, check out the cereal aisle too! I saw peelies on some of the boxes (on the end cap) for $1 off betty crocker brownies--which would be good to hold on till those go back on sale! Esp. if you didn't get to stock up on them last time!

Lastly, I will close with a pic of my little princess :) This is the complete outfit I made for her that turned out perfect!!

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