Monday, March 22, 2010

Diaper deal at CVS

Hey Yall! We had quite a morning going to CVS and Publix (and a side trip to TJMaxx)! We did good at Publix, esp. getting another $50 gas card, for $40! It's nice to save on gas occasionally! I got diapers at CVS and Publix today! We are stocked up on diapers now, if we weren't already! Publix had a coupon book out with some store $3 off coupons that I stacked with tthe awesome $3 Manu. Coupons found online lately--AND, on top of that I will mail my receipt in and get $10 back in a rebate--so total for 2 boxes will be $18 (or $9 each)! Today's pic, must be awarded to CVS though! Diapers are a great deal there this week if you are in need (we acually are no where near running out, but I will stock up when they are a deal like this!-esp. for Pampers) So here is the deal:
Pampers Jumbo packs: 8.97 X2
Get $3 ecb back and use $3 and $2 off manufacturer coupons
I also got Colgate toothpaste on sale $3.99- get $3.99 ecb's and used a $1 off coupon (making it a $1 moneymaker!) and Crest mouthwash $3.99-$2 man. coupon and got back $2 (making it free) and Dawn Hand Renewal soap .97 cents on sale-$1 coupon= free!
So, total with tax: 4.17 ( I had a $4 off $20 coupon and was rolling $12 bucks from last week)
AND, I got back $12 ecb's!
Good Week!!

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