Friday, March 5, 2010

Easy Sewing Project

So, I must admit I got this idea from the blog on my sidebar ( I did alter it slightly, but I love how it turned out! The idea was to take a shirt that might have gotten stained (which we have plenty of those to choose from since Sarah Kate is all about feeding herself these days and must use a utensil like we do) and covering it with a ruffle down the front of the shirt. Above is the original shirt, stained in the front. I then cut strips (2 inches wide or so) and twice the length of the shirt. I hemmed each side of the ruffles (I chose to do 3 ruffles) and did 2 long stitches along the middle of each and pulled them to make the ruffles the right length. Then I sewed them onto the shirt and thought it needed a little more, so then added a bow and button to complete it! I have already made matching pants for SK out of coordinating material and a ruffle with the same material as what I put on the shirt. I will try to take a pic of SK in it soon and post it, I am quite excited this turned out so cute and easy! Now we have a new shirt, not stained (yet, at least) with no real cost!