Friday, March 26, 2010

Sarah Kate--21 months!

So I thought I would update on what my Sarah kate is up to these days. I thought this might be a good way to look back and remember what she was doin and this age, cause I am not good at writing these things down. I can't believe my baby will turn 2 this summer!

1. We love to feed ourselves and think we are too big for a highchair. She sits on her knees at the table and either uses a fork/spoon till she might give up and resort to using fingers :)

2. Talking up a storm! She is puting words together trying to make sentances: our first sentance (that mommy is calling a true sentance) "Daddy...fix it!" She is really trying to put words together and talk to us or tell us what she needs or wants. "Mommy get it", "Jesus loves you", "Happy Birthday", and lots more, those are just a few.

3. She is taking an interest in the potty, or at least beginning to. She likes to sit on it, but has yet to actually tee tee in it, we shall see when that big day comes. I am not trying to force potty training, she just sees it in the bathroom and likes to talk abou it :)

4. We are taking 1 nap a day now, which normally lasts 1 and 1/2 hours at least which is lovely for mommy :) She loves to rock before getting in her bed, but likes to get in still awake and tell me night night and "love you".

5. She is not much for riding in the cart at the grocery store or wherever we might be, she thinks she should be able to walk, which most of the time she stays right beside or close to me, so I let her down most of the time (what other choice do I have really :)). She likes to push the buggy down the aisle even though she cant see who she is pushing it into (we make lots of friends in the grocery store)

6. She loves everyone! She loves her family, but she can be anybodys friends if they will let her. She says hey and byebye to everyone we meet or just pass as we are walking along in the store or at the park. And she will talk to them and tell them all about whatever is going on in her little brain if they will listen (or even if they won't sometimes :)).

7. She loves to read! We went through quite a few books on our 2 recent roads trips to Miss. and MO. She can stay quite entertained if she has enough books. She loves for me to read to her, but she is pretty content to sit there and read them by herself too!

8. She loves water! She will pull the kitchen chair up to the sink when I am cooking and want to play in the water or watch me cook and wait for me to turn the sink on so she can splash in it. It will be fun to see her this summer get to play in the sprinkler and pool and everything :)

9. She is getting quite the sweet tooth. She loves "Icing!!!" as she says when she sees it. She knows to ask for icecream when we go to chic-fil-a. If she sees mommy or daddy eating a cookie or brownie she is at our feet in seconds saying " bite, please!!!" How can we refuse such a cute request?

10. Toys she loves to play with: sidewalk chalk, tea party table and tea set, coloring (more with pens than crayons), balls, movies (veggie tales, angelina, between the lions), babydolls(taking care of them with her highchair and feeding them).

So that is what little girl is up to these days! She is lots of fun and it is so fun to see her start to play with others and interact with her friends. We are loving this time with her and can't believe we are about to start planning her 2nd bday!

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  1. So sweet is our little one! Smart and beautiful too!!!
    You and Michael are wonderful parents...
    My family brings such joy into my life... thank you for that!
    Hugs and kisses to you all!