Friday, March 12, 2010

Publix Trip--3/12--Saved 71%!!!

This week we didn't really need anything, but I made a quick trip today to get some good freebies and diapers were a good deal too :) So, here's the breakdown:

Huggies: 19.99-3.00(publix in ad Q) and 2.00 (printable coupon)=$15
Old El Paso green chilis X4=$5.40-.55 (printable coupon) x4=$3.20
SunDown Vitamins x2=6.58-6.00 (green flyer) and 1.00 x2 (peelies)=+1.42 overage!!
Knox Gelatin: 1.39-4.00 (newspaper)=+2.61 overage!!
McCormick grinders x2: $3.00-$1 (printables)x2 and .55 Publix Q (booklet)=+.10 overage!!
Muir Glen tomato Sauce: $3.56-$1 (printable coupons)x4= +.44 overage!!
Cilantro: .89
Butterball Turkey Bacon: $1.40
Ground Chuck: 6.48- $1 fresh meat Q (Publix Baby Club)x2 and $2 off wyb Old El Paso x2=.48!!!
Greek Yogurt: 2.38-2.38 (try me free publix Q) and .30 (manu. Q)=+.60 overage!!
Land O Lakes Spread: $2.09-.50 coupon (newspaper)x2=.09
Flatouts: $1.45-$1 (Deli-Baby Club Q)=.45
Soft Scrub: $2.50- $1.50(newspaper) and $1 (target Q)=0.00!!

Grand Totals:

$15.33 (before tax)
$19.99 (after Tax)
Saved: $50.40!!

Good week to come in under budget, since we have been traveling and having to eat out some! To top things off, we get home and found this in our mailbox :) (of course, it was sealed up in a box, but I opened it right away, then took the pic)

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