Monday, June 6, 2011

nana and Papa Visit!

We had an incredible weekend with Nana and Papa this last weekend. They drove up on Thursday and were here till this morning. The weekend was filled with all kinds of fun activities. We hit the ground running and crashed every night! It was so much fun to have such good family time through the month of May with both grandparents. Makes me hope for August to get here quickly when we can get to Alabama to see them again and get to see everyone else that we haven't seen in so so long! So here we go with the pictures to tell all about our weekend. If I had more time, this would be better broken up into multiple posts, but for the lack of time, we shall get a huge blog instead with a peak into our fun-filled weekend! Life is about to get crazy busy around here I am sure. Michael started summer greek today and his new internship started last week and we move in 3 weeks! Whew. All of this along with me working full-time and all. On with the pictures, shall we!

Well--My blogger is not letting me upload pictures for some reason... Guess the pictures will come tomorrow :( I added plenty on facebook, but I will try again tomorrow to see if I can get them on hold tight till tomorrow, since I know yall are on pins and needles waiting to see all our pictures :)

We had a fun night tonight too. We headed to Chick-fil-A for princess night with our friends the Ely's. Caroline (their daughter) and Sk got to get all decked out in Princess attire, get a free kid's meal, got their hair done, and crowns made, and even played too in the play area. We had so much fun and Sk looked so adorable with her hair all done up and earings on. Once again, no pictures here...but they will come soon....I hope.

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