Saturday, June 25, 2011

Happy Father's Day, Daddy!

We are so truly blessed to have Michael as ours. He is truly the best daddy and husband. The way in which he loves Sarah Kate melts my heart. I love to just sit back sometimes and just watch him interact with her. The way that he looks at her just screams incredible love. He is a pretty awesome husband too. He is so supportive and loving to me. I could go on, but I won't. I am thankful for you Michael Davis and love you to the moon and back :)

We got to celebrate father's day Alabama style today! No, we didn't make a quick trip to Alabama, but we did do some things that remind us of Alabama. After church we decided to drive to Cracker Barrel (these aren't close to us here, so we haven't been to one since moving...) for lunch. We have yet to find a restaurant here that serves good home cookin' kind of food. You know, like a meat and 3 place. I am thinking of Joel's in Trussville. Man, I miss that place and it is definitely on my list of places we must go while in B'ham in August. After stuffing our faces for lunch, there just so happened to be a krispy kreme donuts just at the same exit. This is yet another place that we have not been to since moving due to none being anywhere close to where we live. I love Krispy Kreme. I mean really, REALLY love it. It reminds me of being pregnant with SK, since it was one of my major cravings while pregnant with her. Anyways. We went through the drive through and brought a dozen home.And yes, I was so excited, I got the camera out and took a picture. Michael might have made fun of me just a little. We haven't got into them yet, since we were so stuffed for lunch, but I am thinking I have enough room now to get one in :)

We are planning a lazy afternoon/evening for the rest of our day around here. I hope everyone else had a great Father's Day. We wish we could be able to hug Pop up today too. We love you Pop and hope you have had a great day. We are so blessed with such a great Dad and Pop for Sk. Thank you for loving us so much and being such a Godly man. We love you and can't wait to see you again in August. Tell Pearl to give you a kiss for us :)
I am off to be lazy and eat donuts. Peace out, y'all

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