Tuesday, June 14, 2011

My Little Monkey




I can't believe my baby turns 3 tomorrow. Wow. Tonight she told me that "I am not a baby anymore but I will always be your little monkey!" Man I love that little girl. I don't think they come any cuter. Really. Sorry to break it to all you other mommies out there, but I got the cutest one. I am loving the age that she is at right now. She says the funiest things everyday. Michael and I just look at each other and bust of laughing. She is growing up so much and it is so awesome to see the little girl she is becoming.
I am so proud of how well she did with our transition to St. Louis and the transition to having to share mommy everyday as I care for Molly (the little one I nanny). She is so sweet with Molly and it does my heart good to see her love Molly so much. The other night we were puting her to bed and she said "I am sad.." to which I asked her why and she said, "I want Molly here all the time!" She really does love Molly. I do hope and pray that one day we will be able to give her a baby sister or brother that can stay all the time.

Anyways. Not going to that subject tonight. So for my own sake really, I want to write down the things she is up to these days and what she is liking:

*She has really, really gotten into the whole princess thing lately. We play dress up a lot around here. Well, both princess and ballerina. The important thing is that the dress, whether it be a princess or ballerina, has to twirl well. We love us a good twirly dress.

*She has also fallen in love with Dora the Explorer. We never really watched it prior to our move to St. Louis, but for some reason she has really gotten into it here. The one thing I do like about the show is how it is really teaching her some spanish. I think that is kindof cool. The other day, so used the spanish word for open (abra or something like that...) instead of speaking english to me. Funny kid.

*She is still an early bird most mornings. I miss weekday mornings with her, but on the weekends, she wakes up normally by 6:30/7 and calls out from her room, "Momma! The sun is up!" and then comes into our room and stands by our bed and announces yet again "The sun is up, we can get up now!"

*She takes an afternoon nap still most days. She occasionally (Probably twice a week or so) will just have rest time and not go to sleep.

*She is fully potty trained. Woohoo. She trained in Jan. right after moving. We are still working on the making it through the night, but other than that she is doing great with all of that!

*She loves going to the library for storytime and getting new books to check out. Other places she is loving to go to include the science center, the zoo, and the Magic House. She really loves spending time on the playground at the seminary, which we get to do pretty often since the house I nanny at is walking distance to it.

*Her new favorite movie is Tangled. She loves it. I could quote the movie and so could Michael I am sure.

I am pretty brain dead at this time of night, but I just wanted to wish my baby a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Mommy and Daddy love you to the moon and back!

SK thought it was cold out on Sat. when we were running some errands and insisted on wearing her gloves. She was quite the hit in the grocery store prancing around in her bright pink gloves :)


  1. Emerson got really into Dora around the time Sabby was born (so she was 2 1/2). When she first saw Sabby, she said, "Hola, baby!" LOL

    Happy Birthday, sweet Sarah Kate! We can't wait to see your blond haired, princessy self again!

  2. You do have the cutest little one!

    Happy Birthday Sarah Kate ... our little one! I know you are growing up, but you'll always be Nana and Pop's little one! You have brought so much joy and love into our lives! You just bless our hearts sweetie. We give thanks to the Lord for you everyday. When I hear your sweet voice and see that cute little face it just makes my heart smile! You are so beautiful in every way! Nana and Pop will love you forever sweetie! Hugs and kisses xoxoxoxo