Monday, June 27, 2011


Moving stinks. This is our 3rd move in the last year. You would think I would be a pro at it now. It is a lot of work though. A lot. You never realize how much stuff you have until you have to drag all of it to your car/truck and lug it to a new place and then unload it. I can tell you one positive of moving every six months: You keep cleaning out junk. We keep a running bag of give away stuff, which helps a lot. So we took one load of stuff today to the new apt. and unloaded it. We have been able to borrow the SUV from the family I nanny for and have it loaded up for tomorrows trip. All of this moving is in the midst of Michael's greek, which he has a test on Friday (yes, the day before we move...) and I am at work every day too (meaning 5 a.m. alarm...) I am not stressed. I am not stressed. I am not stressed.
There. Better.

I am going to miss this place we are living now. There are so many cool things about living in the city. We are walking distance to so many things like a grocery store, places to eat, a pizza place, parks, ect. We really have enjoyed being able to walk over to the park or down to another park that has a cute little candy shop beside it. The neighborhood is awesome too. It has been a fun little area to live. But,
*It doesn't have AC
*It requires driving both cars to campus 5 days a week.

When we move, I can literally walk faster to work than drive. Michael can walk to class. I can go over to our place during the day easily. For instance, I can go over if I forget to put laundry in the dryer or get dinner out of the freezer. Poor Michael gets a text at least once every morning from me asking him to bring something over that I forgot, or get meat out of the freezer or do some laundry. I am looking foward to being on campus for so many reasons. I am just ready to be done with the moving part.


  1. I am with you on that one- Moving is soo hard! Hang in there. Sounds like the move is going to be really good for yall logistically. I am so glad!

  2. I hurt for you my sweet daughter and I know it is hard for Michael to focus. Bit you both ALWAYS GET THE JOB DONE!! Praying for help for you. Never know who God might send your way. Love ya bunches!!!