Saturday, June 25, 2011

My List...

So I am coming up with a list of must-do's while we are in Alabama. We have found that there are certain things we can't really find here that we really miss. So here is my list: (which I am sure will grow longer as we get closer to our trip)

1. Bar-b-que. We must have bbq. We haven't had it since moving. Specifically we want some Charley's. Good ole Charley's. We attempted last night to make the potatoes like Michael used to always get there, with bbq chicken and all the fixin's. Not quite as good, but it was pretty good. We need to just bring back a bottle of their sauce. Do they sell their sauce?? I need some of that.

2. Joel's. We have yet to find any kind of meat and 3 place. The closest we came to it was Cracker Barrel a couple weeks ago. I love home cooking foods. I cook it some, but it is nice to find a good place that serves it too. I remember as a kid always going on Sunday's to Joel's. I love that place, or another one that I really liked was Cafe on Main. I will take either. Just some good fried chicken, mac-n-cheese, and green beans. I already know what I plan to order. Sad, I know.

3.Publix. I just need to go say hello and that I really miss it. SO maybe I am kidding, maybe not. For those of you who knew how much I loved that store and the couponing that once took place for me there, know I am probably not. There is nothing like that here. I have just about given up on getting into the couponing here. Publix spoiled me.

4. Sweet Tea. So this isn't a place, but it is carried at any place we will probably go. That is not the case here in ST. Louis. We have even gotten funny looks for asking for sweet tea and responses like, "You can add a sugar packet in our unsweet..." Um, no. And there is a handful of places that carry it here, but it doesn't seem to be as sweet and good as in the south. We do make it at our house, but not often enough.

Ok. So that will get us started right. And it goes without saying all of the given things like our parent's houses we can't wait to hang out in, the church, our church family, ect. ect.

Can you tell I am excited about our trip back to Bama? I am. I am worried that it will be harder to leave this time around than it was in January. Pray for us for that please. We know that the Lord brought us here and we are right where we are called to be, but that doesn't mean we won't miss what we had been so blessed with back in Alabama.

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  1. Joel's!! Now that sounds good and yes good memories also!! Solo looking forward to having my St Louis family home!!
    Mimi loves you! !!!!