Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Now the pictures...

So I can finally upload pictures to the blog, so without further ado...here is a sampling of our fun with Nana and Papa!

Getting ready to head out to the Cardinal's baseball game!

All of us at the game--We had great seats on the third base side and had a fun view of the arch as our backdrop!

Each Morning, SK made sure that Nana properly brushed her teeth before we could leave out for our adventures!

Grant's Farm!

Riding the train around the farm getting to see all kinds of cool animals!

SK got a special treat of getting to go shopping for her birthday present. She is currently obsessed with Tangled, so we had to find a Tangled dress! She was so excited! (And, her Aunt Lala and Uncle Jeremiah sent her the Tangled movie, so we got to watch it about 6 times over the course of the weekend!)

Saturday at Botanical Gardens!

Cooling off in the water play area at Botanical Gardens!

So there are plenty more fun pictures, but I will keep it from getting too long. We had so much fun Nana and Papa! Love y'all!

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