Thursday, May 23, 2013

Photo time!

I think it has been a few posts since I have had any I will take a moment to share some photos of what we have been up to the last week or so since Michael has finished with his semester!

 SK has been living outside lately...she will come in for food (if she must...) and bathroom.  Most days you can find these girls outside being very creative in their playing :)

 On the rare occasion (like a rainy day) we have to be indoors, SK begs to have a friend over for a playdate--most of the time including a tea party.

 The last couple of Sat. mornings we have been out at the farmer's market.  Evie was getting a morning snooze in while her sister played at the playground!

 Playground photo op :)

 I told SK she had to give me a few secs for a photo op before heading outside to play in the sprinkler!  This is a sampling of what I got...

 And Evie watched her crazy sister and begged me to take her pic too :)

Splash pad a Tilles Park!  Yeah for weather warm enough to break out the 
swimsuit and be outdoors all day!

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