Friday, May 10, 2013

Ballet Recital and babies...

Wednesday was SK's ballet recital.  She was so excited to get to finally wear her costume and more importantly to her was getting to wear makeup :)  She, just like last year, melted her momma's heart dancing on the stage.  She was so cute, along with all the other cute kiddos too :)
She cracked me up how she was focussing so hard on doing just like her teacher.  So hard in fact that she needed to stick her tongue out for most of the dance...It was a hoot.  You could just tell she was very focussed and I know when she is working hard on something, the tongue comes out.  She does the same thing when we do "school work" at home.
After the recital we headed out to eat with friends.  We decided to let the 10 kids sit together at a table and the adults together at another table (right beside each other).  The kids had a blast trying their hand at chopsticks :).
On the way home from dinner, I had a cute conversation with SK.  I can't remember exactly how we got on the subject, but she brought up that she wanted to be a Ballet teacher when she grew up, then changed to wanting to be a cowgirl.   Then she said she didn't want to get married because she didn't want to throw up.  We have had this conversation before.  She thinks that if she gets married, then she will get pregnant and throw up (like I did when I was preggo with Evie).  Ha.  I had to explain (once again) that just because you have a baby in your tummy doesn't mean that you will throw up.  Then the subject changed to the topic of adoption.  She decided that "maybe one day I will adopt a baby from another country".  It was a precious conversation on adoption and she had such a sweet little heart talking about being a mommy one day.
Ok, just wanted to write that down, so I could remember it :)
On to the pictures right :)
 Messy baby :)  She was loving her "smoothie"!

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