Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Sweet Dreams...

I thought I would share some goofy SK stories, while I remember them.  So when Sk wakes up in the morning she likes to as she puts it "snuggle on the couch".  I love it.  Love love love it.  And I ask her if she slept good, if she stayed under her covers and warm, and the best question lately has been did you have sweet dreams?  To which she replies yes and I ask what they were about.  Some of her dreams lately incude:
--"I dreamed about yogrit pie!"  --yogrit equals yogurt, but that is how she says it :)
--"I dreamed about apples..."
She dreams, or at least says she dreams a lot about food :)
Then, this morning I asked her what she dreamed about and she said that she dreamed about going to Alabama to see her "grandpas", which she then corrected herself and said, "I mean, grandparents!"  It was cute.  So Nana, and Papa, and Mimi--she dreamed about coming to see you guys last night :)
Thought yall might like this story :)
On another note, Michael has been a bit sleep deprived lately.  He has lots of papers and such coming due soon, and therefore stays up late to work on them.  One morning last week he woke up and discovered his socks under his head.  At some point while sleeping, he must have taken his socks off and put them on his pillow.  He might kill me for telling this story...hehe.  I can't not share though.  It was too funny :)  And he loves me too much to kill me :)  Right, Babe?!?
Hope everyone else is having sweet dreams too :)

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