Tuesday, November 15, 2011

It's a good day...

This has been a good day.  I have not had an alarm in 5 days.  So. Very. Nice.  If I haven't shared/grumbled about my 5 a.m. alarm before, that is my normal wake up time on the weekdays at least.  Well, I have had off since last Friday and it has been lovely and refreshing.  Today, I felt like cooking.  SO, SK and I headed to Trader Joe's this morning and got some things including our turkey for next week (woohoo for Thanksgiving!).  We had some friends come over and hang out while we cooked up some fun things.  Originally we planned to just make some homemade cheezits, which were pretty stinkin awesome!  But, I also wanted to make some apple chips, but failed to set the timer for them, and completely burnt them.  Sad, I know.  Then for lunch we decided to make some Zucchini boats and tomato soup.  I am feeling quite healthy :)
I love how the Lord puts people into your lives that we can walk through this journey of life together with.  I am such a relationship kind of person.  I need time with girlfriends, and cherish times like this morning.  They are refreshing.  It is fun to rejoice together over exciting things and encourage each other and just hang out. 
Last week was crazy and it's not over.  I don't know where the Lord is taking us, but I want to submit to His Sovereignty and trust His plan for our lives.  I am just too much of a planner and want to know what things will look like.  I like control like that.  Don't lie...you do too, right? :)  The Lord has brought us to this place thought where we have nothing else to do but just trust and rely on him.  We don't have control.  Clomid doesn't give me control.  Nothing gives me control.  It's not mine.  God is driving this roller coaster and it is going to be a beautiful ending....I know it is.

Thank you Lord for today. 

I want be content, I do.  I have so much to be thanful for.  I am so incredibly blessed.  SO much.  Beyond anything I deserve.  I deserve death and hell.  BUT, through Jesus Christ, I instead get life and heaven.  Wow.  What else can I do, but stand in awe of God and his grace and love for his children.

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