Saturday, November 26, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

We had a great Thanksgiving with friends this year.  We missed not being with our family, but were thankful to get to spend the day with a great group of friends.  I didn't get many good pictures, but I got a few.  We started out the day at the house that I nanny at where they were having brunch with friends and family.  Then all the ladies came over to my place and we got to work on dinner preparations.  I was in charge of the turkey (first time ever to cook a turkey!) and dressing and gravy.  I must say they turned out pretty good for a first timer :)  We had lots of yummy food and fun.  There were a total of 5 girls, so SK had a blast with all of her friends over. 
Sk helped make the place marker "turkeys" a couple days prior and all the girls worked together to make the "thankful tree" and write down things they were thankful for.  Well..."write" down I mean.  Aka scribble and tell us what they were writing.  We ended up putting the girls to bed and continuing to hang out till about 11:00.  We really had so much fun :)

SK riding on Daddy back from Molly's house.  She wore her Turkey outfit I had made her!

The Turkey! (Already started to cut it when I remembered to take a pic!)

 The girls working on their Thankful tree

 Dinner time!
 Casey playing with all the kids! 
 Dessert please :)
 Tee-Pee's SK and I made :)

Thankful tree final product!

We hope everyone else had a good thanksgiving as well.  God has blessed us so much and it was a funn day to reflect on all that the Lord has blessed us with.  We are so thankful for these friends that the Lord has blessed us with to share special days like this together and to be each other's "family" when we can't be with our blood family on days like this.  More posting to come soon hopefully.  Michael is gonna do a post (hopefully) about going to the Rams game and then we can do a blog on our Christmas decorating!

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