Monday, November 28, 2011

Christmas decorating!

On Friday morning (after sleeping in a little) we started decorating.  This was the first year that I did not go black Friday shopping.  For years and years my mom and I have always shopped the day after Thanksgiving sales, but seeing that I was in St. Louis, that didn't get to happen this year.  So instead of waking up before the sun and going out with all the craziness, we had a family morning at home decorating.  It was a fun change, even though I did miss doing that tradition with my mom.  SK was so excited this year.  She remembered that she had her very own tree that Nana and Papa got her last year, so that had to be the first thing we got up.  She was all into the decorating and helping. 

Let's decorate!

Putting the star on herself :)

Final Product :)

We got her tree up then decided to venture out to the mall just for fun to see what deals were happening.  We walked around the mall for a bit and left with a bag of m&m's.  That was our only purchase that day.  Yep.  That afternoon, SK and I took a nap in her bed, well...actually I took the nap and she ended up playing.  Then we had leftovers and put up our tree in the living room.  It was a fun family day!

And this is our wreath this year!  I didn't get a great pic, but it was a pinterest idea and I think it turned out really cute.

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