Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Cardinal's Celebration

So on Sunday we were able to go to Busch Stadium downtown with lots and lots of other fans and celebrate the Cards winning the world series.  It was so much fun.  They sold tickets the day before for $5 each (SK sat in our lap) and they sold out in less than an hour I think.  We rode the metro downtown (with lots and lots of other fans....) and went right into the stadium.  Our seats were in the outfield right under the scoreboard thingy.  It was a fun perspective to sit out there and we were only 9 rows up so we got to see everything pretty good.  They paraded in the clysdales first then all of the players and managers and such.  The night ended with a fireworks show.  SK had fun waving at the players and horses.  Then we rode the metro back home with lots and lots of fans.  Other than the metro being slammed with people it was lots of fun!

(During the fireworks SK covered her ears :))

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