Thursday, December 1, 2011


I have lots on my mind, but not sure what to blog about.  So I will give you a random list...

1. Michael laughed about the last post :)  I told him it was good to blog about it so that when we are old we can look back at that post and it will give us a good laugh.

2. We leave for Alabama in exactly 2 weeks.  Woohoo.  I told Michael I need to start packing and he laughed at me...

3.  I read 2 papers of Michael's yesterday to check them for him before he turned them in today.  I am so proud of him.  Am I allowed to say that?  Yeah, I am.  He is pretty awesome and I get to call him my husband.  Now he has studying to do for a final tomorrow then on to the next paper due next week, then more finals after that.

4. There are so many things up in the air for our future right now.  We were talking last night about it and it is really crazy.  So many things.  There's the fact that we don't know if/when we will be blessed with any more children.  Whether those children will be of my womb or adopted.  When that will happen or if it will happen.  I am daily preaching to myself that I have to lay it at the cross and give it to Him.  I have been confused for the last couple weeks to be honest.  After getting my hopes up about the possiblity of the Lord opening the door for adoption through the other job for me then closing it, I was totally confused.  Upset and confused if I am being completely honest.  I want to be the Lord's servant however that may look, but a glimpse into how the Lord is working through all of this would be good.  Then there is the whole clomid thing.  Do I get my hopes up?  It didn't work last month...will it work at all?  That's up to the Lord.  We are in his hands, I know that.

5. Then we are also up in the air about what will happen after seminary.  It is a crazy place to be in where we are just completely trusting the Lord to pave the way for where he will have us serve.  I am not sure if I have ever completely explained on this blog what we are doing really and why we up and quit our jobs, moved to the COLD midwest for seminary and what we desire to do when we are done here.  That might should be another blog post, but we are willling to go wherever the Lord leads.  We have a desire for Campus ministry (college) either here in the states or overseas.  Pretty crazy to think we could be in Alabama, New York, California, or Africa, or Europe, or who knows where in the future.  We are crazy.  I know. 

6. Back to the last blog.  Michael did laugh, but did inform me that Sk has picked up a habbit in her sleep that is like her mommy.  She and I smack in our sleep.  I guess we like food and dream about eating a lot in our sleep.  Daddy gets woken up by me sometimes when I get to smacking and has to hold my mouth shut to get me to stop.  SO there's my secret :)  I guess we are just a funny family in our sleep.

Alright.  Off to get busy getting my list of things for the day checked off.  Happy Thursday everyone!  (And if I don't get back here before the weekend, have a good weekend :)  I know I will--we have a date tomorrow night! woohoo!)

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