Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas in Alabama

As soon as Michael finished up his exams, we jumped on a  plane and headed south :)  We were so thankful to be able to fly and spend some time with our family and friends in Alabama.  We spent the first part of our trip with Nana and Papa.  It was quite fun to get off the plane and have them waiting on us at the airport.  SK went running to them as soon as she saw them.  It was too cute.  Back to the plane ride...SK loved riding the plane (this was her first time to fly).  She wanted the window seat and her face was glued to the window almost the whole time. 

She asked before taking off, "Do the wings flap?"  hehe.  Then when we were getting ready to descend, she asked, "But, how do we get down?"  It was pretty cute.  We started our time in Alabama off right with a meal at Nikki's West downtown getting some yummy southern veggies and fried chicken.   The next day we spent lots of time baking yummy goodies :)

We had a special surprise for Nana and Papa, that we gave them on Friday night over at Lauren and Jeremiah's house.  We all (Michael, me, and SK, and Lauren and Jeremiah) went in together and gave them a photo shoot scheduled for the next morning.  Our dear friend, Virginia took the pictures.  It was so fun to get to take pictures together.  There are some really cute ones too.   I need to get to printing some to frame around here :)

More blogs to come...Mimi's house is up next :)

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