Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas in Alabama continued...

The second part of our trip we spent at Mimi's house.  We started off our time there having "Chrismas dinner" with the whole family.  SK was so super excited to see everyone, esp. her "best friend" Haven and her other little cousin MacKenzie.  They had a blast playing together.  SK and Haven had a sleepover and were so cute snuggling up in their bed together.  We had fun baking and making a gingerbread house with the girls.  The cookies were a bit of a fail though.  We changed a couple of the ingredients, since we were lacking what was called for in the recipe, and it didn't work at all.  SO, instead we went to the cookie store after dinner and got some yummy cookies there :)  The gingerbread house turned out super cute though!

We also surprised my mom with a gift from all of her kids and granddaughters with a photo sessions scheduled the next morning.  Virginia once again did an awesome job getting some really good pictures of such crazy little girls. 


Our time in Alabama was way too short. We wished we could have taken more time, but we are thankful for what we got :)

Next I need to blog about our actual Christmas day and eve here. Oh and, I need to blog about SK's little ballet dance that she did the last week of the semester for her ballet class. Lots to catch everyone up on!

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  1. What an awesome time these days were!!
    I so love having my family together watching my three sweet grandaughters run, play, and giggle together. Such sweet memories for this Mimi!! Thank you sweetheart for your blogging.
    Give your sweet Michael a hug for me and a kiss for the little monkey!!