Monday, July 22, 2013

Chain of Rocks Bridge

Last weekend, we decided we needed to venture out and have a fun day as a family.  This being our last summer here in St. Louis, we are trying to do as many things as we can that we might or might not have gotten to over the last couple of years.
So we decided on checking out the Chain of Rocks bridge.  It is either the world's longest or 2nd longest pedestrian bridge and has all kinds of cool history behind it.  You can read about it a little here instead of me giving you a history lesson :)
We let SK ride her bike along with Michael while I pushed the jogging stroller with EJ in it.  Then we traded on the way back with Michael pushing the stroller.

(And side note...Evie was there, I promise.  Just never took a picture of her.  Oops!)

After biking the bridge, we asked some other people who were out there if there happened to be any good ice cream or custard places nearby that were good :)  It was a hot day and just seemed fitting!  SO then we were given directions to a place called Bobby's frozen custard that we were told was better than Ted Drewe's :)
I must say, it was really good custard...too bad I didn't get a picture there...

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