Tuesday, July 2, 2013

9 months!!

Evie Joy is now 9 months old!  I am just a few days late :)
So what all is she up to, you ask???

*As of this last week, she started to figure out crawling!  She has crawled just a little ways so far, but is getting more and more confident with it!

*Last night she pulled up all by herself for the first time!  She was really proud of herself too.  She has been wanting to pull up but needing help to get all the way to her feet until last night.

*While she is just now starting to crawl, she has been able to get her way to things of interest for a few weeks now.  If she sees anything out of reach that she wants, she will figure out a way to get there.

*Last week she slept through the night 3 nights in a row!  Then she did 3 nights of waking once.  Last night she did better, sleeping from 8 to 4, then nursed and slept till 7:30ish.  SO we are getting better.

*She still loves to blow raspberries.

*She can now kind of wave "bye-bye!" then typically follow that up with her "Yeah!" claps.

*She still just gets 2 meals (an occasional 3) a day and nurses 6-7 times a day.

*It looks like her 2 bottom teeth might be getting close to coming in...maybe.  SK was a week shy of her first b'day before cutting her first 2 teeth, so I am waiting to see if her sister beats her in that department :)

*She is such a happy baby :)  I mean really.  Her middle name couldn't fit her any better.  She is a pure joy.  Her smile and giggle is infectious.

More updates coming...I know I left y'all hanging last time.  Still gonna leave it at that :)

BY the end of the week, that is my promise.  I do want to update on where we are at with the whole "going to England" thing :)  We are pumped and excited!

(this was last night--first time to pull up all on her own!)
And one more sidenote....Evie's favorite toys are our movies :)

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