Friday, July 5, 2013

4th of July festivities!

We had a fun day yesterday with friends!  Starting out our morning, we headed to Webster Groves for the parade and had lunch.  After that we let the kiddos splash around in the pool then had a little rest before grilling out some yummy kabobs then watching fireworks!  It was a full day of fun!

So here are a few pics I grabbed!
 This little cutie says he is going to marry SK one day :)
 Family shot before the parade--Evie is there if you look closely :)
 Up from her little nap ready to watch the parade!
Swim time!
We had family pics done last week with a new friend who lives on campus and happens to be an awesome photographer!  We have only seen a few photos, and can't wait to see more!  Here is the sneak peak we got....

I am off to get lunch made and find some form of caffeine in my or chocolate...either will do.

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