Sunday, July 28, 2013

10 months!

Evie Joy turned 10 months old yesterday!
I can't believe we are only 2 months away from her 1st birthday!  She is so much fun these days.  She gets into everything, but is so stinkin' cute :)
I constantly find her pulling things out of baskets, books off of the bookshelf, magnets off the door, and turning the wii off and on multiple times.  Oh, and then there is the printer she likes to play with too.  And the carbon monoxide detector in the hallway that makes a really loud noise when the button is pushed.  She is a mess, but a beautiful one :)

She is starting to eat more and more table foods, which I am excited about.  Yesterday she gnawed on my pizza crust and today she loved getting to eat baked beans :)

She pulls up on everything these days too...

Still napping twice a day, one being a good longer nap, the other being a shorter one.  For the most part she is still sleeping through the night, with an occasional night where she wakes just 1 time.

Her nicknames these days have included:  Sugar bear, booger bear (for the times she might be a little cute booger), boo, and SK calls her Sissy :)

Let's compare pics of SK and Evie now...shall we?? :)

 Here is a comparison...these pics above are SK at or close to 10 months old...
And here is Evie....

SK def. had more hair :)  Do you think they look the same???  We can see similarities, but def. see differences.

And while we are talking about SK.   She cracks me up these days :)  Yesterday we were in the car and she wanted to play pretend, so she wanted to be the momma, her friend was going to be the baby, so I said I would be the maid, to which she responded, "I am the momma, so I am the maid too.  Cause, the momma's the maid!"

Oh my.   That is all I can say.

And I will leave you with one more pic of our cuties!

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