Friday, January 4, 2013

Hebrew and Photos...

Michael is in the midst of an intense Jan-term class.  So what would normally be done in a semesters time, he is cramming into a week and a half's time.  Hebrew.  Fun stuff, right?!?  So he goes to class for 4 hours every morning, then grabs a quick lunch, then heads to study and prepare for the next day.
While daddy is off playing we are trying to find fun things to do while it has been so cold out.  We have made tents, played dress up, watched movies, cooked, and even done some cleaning out/purging!
I am also having some fun playing with our newest gadget :)  We got a camera for Christmas and I am trying to figure it all out :)  
Hopefully this will mean some good pictures will be finding their way to the blog in the coming weeks!   Pinterest has been my friend too lately.  I have found blogs for photographing tips and had some fun with some new recipes.  
First the recipes :)

*I made these Cheese Crisps yesterday, and they were so yummy!
*The day before I made homemade brownie mix.  I made up one bag to save and went ahead and made one batch.  They got eaten up pretty quickly :)
*For dinner last night, I made red beans and rice in the crockpot with dried beans and they turned out pretty great too!
*I am also planning to make Chicken Enchiladas for dinner tomorrow night--a recipe I have done before and turned out very yummy!
*And next week I am planning to make some of these lettuce wraps for dinner one night!

So we have had some fun in the kitchen the last few days!  My goal starting out this year is to try 1 new recipe a week to try and find some new things to add to our normal menu.  We are trying to get back on track with some things as we start out the new year, including SK's chore chart!   Three days in and so far so good! you wanna see some pictures I snapped this morning???
Good, you are going to either way :)

I know I am not a professional and don't plan to become one, but it is fun to play around and have a nicer camera to capture these pretty girls :)

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