Monday, December 31, 2012

3 months!

Our sweet Evie is now 3 months old! (or was last Thursday...)
Hard to believe she is already 3 months.  So here are some things about our little girl at this stage...

*She is not the best sleeper...well--I take that back.  She is a great sleeper when she gets held.  When she is put down, not so much.  She will occasionally take a good nap during the day in her swing or even her bed, but most days she cat naps or mommy snuggles on the couch with her to get a good nap in.
And at night...oh my.  She likes to snack we shall say.  We still get up multiple times during the night, with an occasionally night she sleeps well (meaning she wakes maybe just 1 time or so), but most nights she is up more.  She will sleep eventually...right??? :)

*She is starting to bat at toys. It is super cute.   She stares at the toys hanging above her on her little play mat and has started to bat her hands at them.

*We won't go to the doc for a check up this month, but according to our scale she is about 10 pounds or so.  Woohoo for double digits! :)

*Evie loves her big sister.  She smiles so much at her and will just sit and watch her play.  It so fun to see them loving each other so much!

We love our little one so much and are soaking up this precious time with her!

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