Saturday, December 15, 2012

Ballet Christmas Party

Haven't blogged any this week...sorry.  We have been too busy being sick I guess to do anything else :(
Last week it was the coughs and sniffles, now we are getting past a stomach bug.
Let's see if I can catch up a little now.

Tuesday was SK's last ballet class for the semester so they had a little Christmas party and showed us a cute dance too!  She was a cutie of course!  Evie was a good little sister too and watched very sweetly :)

On to the pics...

SK's outfit is cute right?!?  It was actually mine from when I was about her age!  Isn't that fun :)  She wears it all the time these days dressing up around the house and I love it!
Evie is looking like a "polar bear" according to SK in her warm outfit.  That outfit we have found is also so cozy for Evie that it puts her right to sleep.

Alright...hopefully more blogging to come soon!

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