Sunday, January 27, 2013

EJ is 4 months!!

I can't believe my baby is 4 months old today!  She is so much fun these days :)  SK loves her sister.  Like head over heals loves her.  SK is constantly asking to hold her and making her smile and laugh.  For the most part she is gentle and careful too :)
So at 4 months:

*Evie is smiling and starting to get really good at laughing too!

*She loves chewing/sucking on her hands.  She can constantly be found with 1 or both of her fists shoved in her mouth.  And she isn't too into the paci either.  She would take her hand just as happily as her paci.

*We are still getting up on average 2-3 times a night.  Sometimes more, sometimes less.  It is at least 2 times though for that.  She can take a while at bedtime too to lay down and stay.  Some nights take as long as 3 hours to get her to stay in her bassinet for longer than 15 minutes without waking and realizing she isn't being held.

*She is a very content and happy baby.  It helps that her big sister is always (for the most part) happy to entertain her when she is hanging out in her bouncy seat or on her playmat.

*She loves bathtime.  I can hardly remember a time where she fussed when she was getting a bath.  Of course, she if fully entertained then too since big sister is in the tub with her playing around with her :)

*She loves to hold our hand when we are holding her.  She feels all around for it when we are holding her till she finds it and holds on tight.  I remember her big sister doing this too, but not as much as Evie.

*She is getting more and more aware of her hands and figuring out how to bat at her toys (like ones that hang on her carseat.

*She loves watching her praise baby movies, just like her big sister did (and actually still does).  SK will sit down with Evie and watch them with her and is now singing the songs all the time to Evie.  It is pretty cute!

*She isn't a huge carseat fan.  Especially at night.  I remember SK going through a stage of this too.

*If I ever want to guarantee a good nap out of Evie, I just have to get out my wrap and she will go right to sleep and stay for a while too :)  Works out good for when we want to go out and do anything.

I think that is a pretty good summary of what she is up to these days.  She is still doing great with nursing.  She will have her 4 month check up on Friday, so we will know her weight then.

I am off to check on the chocolate granola cooking in the oven then make some muffins too!   Hope everyone is having a lovely Sunday!!

Starting to try to get SK's hair :)  That's gonna not be as funny to SK in a few months I am thinking...

And here is real life around here :)  Spit up all the time, all over the place...

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