Wednesday, January 23, 2013


**My nice letter yesterday must have not make it in the mail yet....Sleep didn't get it.  Or maybe I need to be a bit firmer that it's relationship to Evie be mended immediately...

**Giving Evie a bottle in attempt to stuff her full before bed and therefore last longer didn't work.  It not only didn't work, but it also created more spit up....spit up that happened to land on my top sheet, making me smell the great scent of soured milk throughout the night.

**Sheets must be washed today.

**Today marks the last day of "break" for Michael.  Tomorrow classes start back up and he is back at it  with his school work.

**My head hurts.

**SK has lots of cute sayings that Michael says she picks of from me.  Of course, I can't think of them specifically right now.  I need to do another blog on this when my brain is functioning properly.

**Yesterday, SK and I made chocolate chip muffins together.  The girl really loves it when I let her cook with me in the kitchen.  We actually make a new recipe that had no sugar in them and were a more healthy version and they turned out pretty awesome.  Recipe keeper for sure.

**I am attempting to revamp our breakfasts around here.  With this healthy/non processed foods kick I am on, breakfast is going to be the hardest thing to change I think.  We are kinda lazy for breakfast and typically have eaten cereal or frozen (not homemade) waffles or something of that sorts.  I want to get away from doing those so much and start doing better in the breakfast department.  Hence the muffin making yesterday.  Anyone got any good breakfast ideas that aren't hard/time consuming and are yummy???

**It snowed here yesterday.  I think it took everyone by surprise here, even the weather folks.  We got  a good little coating, nothing huge, but a pretty coating at least.  It was cold yesterday too.  Like it started out at about 5 degrees I think and barely went above 20 or so.  Burr.

**I am too tired to come up with #10...and Evie is finally drifting back off to sleep.  So I am hopefully going to put her down and get a few minutes rest before the day must begin :)

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