Saturday, January 5, 2013

Morning recap...

not a good morning....
well, I guess it started out all right.  We all got up and cleaned a bit around the apt.  That was all fine and dandy.  Then...
I headed out to run a couple errands with the girls while Michael went with a friend to see The Hobbit. I thought it wouldn't be too hard to just go to Target and Trader Joe's.  Boy was I wrong.  We get to Target and of course SK begs to go to the toy section the whole time until we finally get to the toy aisles.  Then Evie is done riding in her carseat at this point, so I have to get her up, while still pushing the buggie and SK fussing about missing one of the aisles.  We finally make it through Target, then it was off to Trader Joe's.  Evie falls asleep in her carseat on the way (woohoo), so we head in.  I put Evie in the buggie, leaving no room for groceries.  SK wants a little buggy to push, then decides after the first 2 minutes she doesn't want it anymore...we go back to the front of the store to put up that buggie and try to figure out where to shove the groceries.  We then check out and I decide I could handle getting out to the car without taking the help offered from the lady bagging my groceries.  I then have to push a loaded down buggie, carry a carseat, and hold the hand of SK all while weaving our way back to the car.  Get the girls in the car, groceries next, then head home.  Evie wakes before we even head out of the parking lot and starts screaming.  We get home and I get the girls in first then head back to get groceries.  As I am heading down the stairs with 3 bags of groceries, my sweet SK is heading up the stairs to try to "help".  I then get my feet tangled up and begin to fall.  I have my hands tangled up in grocery bags and Sk is right in front of me but I have not way to stop my falling.  Groceries go flying and I fall right on top of SK and we both go on a ride to the bottom of the stairs.  Of course, I might have screamed a bit during the fall (plus it made quite the crashing sound...) so the neighbors come out to check and see what has happened.  I jump up to make sure SK is ok, which she was Praise the Lord.  The neighbor upstairs then gets my groceries for me (including my now crushed up tortilla chips...) and helps me get in the apt.  All of this is going on too while poor EJ is screaming in our apt. waiting on her mommy to feed her.
Now I sit on the couch feeding the baby with ice on my leg.  I am hoping it is just bruised and nothing more than scrapes and such.
Oh, lets also add to it that SK went to play with friends (one of the other neighbors kiddos that saw/heard my fall).  She just came in to ask a question and is covered in dirt/mud.  And she had a bath this morning.
Now the groceries are sitting waiting to be put away and I should be getting dinner cooking since we have company coming for dinner, but instead I will sit here and ice my leg and wait for the hubs to get home.
And I forgot 2 things on my grocery list.
Oh and today is January 5th (I realized as I was driving this morning).  Our 2nd baby would have been 3 today.
I want Jesus to come back.  I long for Heaven.

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