Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Having fun with "school"!

So I think I have mentioned that we are starting some homeschooling this year with SK.   Nothing fancy....I am having a baby and all, so I am trying not to set goals that I won't actually be able to achieve.  Sk is definitely ready though.  She has been asking when she can start school working and all for a few months now, so we are diving in to this whole adventure!  After talking with some other homeschool moms we are focusing on our phonics and writing (including fine motor skills) and some number things as well.  Each week we are taking 2 letters to work on their phonics and writing them.  I have had fun finding crafts to do each week with each letter.  We work on writing the letters and the sound they make.  We typically each week make a trip to the library to find books that begin with the two letters of the week too.
I am trying to keep it low key and fun for SK!  So this week we are on letter G and letter H.  So yesterday we made our letters on white paper and glued cheerios onto the letters.  Then, for a fun craft, we headed outside to get some blades of grass to paint with.  We used the grass as our brush and went to town painting.  We started out just holding a couple blades of grass, but then Daddy helped make it even more fun by finding a stick with SK and using lots of grass to make a nifty little paint brush.  I think SK really had fun with it :)
I actually even took some pictures yesterday too!  Aren't you proud :)

This morning we went on a walk and tried to find things outside that begin with our 2 letters and SK really got into it.  I was quite impressed with how she sounded out words and found things that went with our letters!

On another note, SK starts ballet this afternoon!  She is quite excited to get back to ballet class.  So much so that she has been in her ballet clothes for an hour already, and ballet doesn't start till 4 this afternoon.  I might wish I had waited to tell her that ballet was today till closer to time...let's hope the afternoon passes quickly!

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  1. I love that she's been in her clothes an hour and it doesn't start till 4. That made me lol. Glad things are going well and the pregnancy is a healthy one. Can't wait to see pictures of her beautiful face when she gets here! Love you!