Monday, September 10, 2012

Doc report :)

I went to the doc this morning for my last ultrasound!  We are getting so close!
Everything looked great with the ultrasound and according to measurements, Evelyn is weighing in at 5 lb. 15 oz., so bigger than SK was at birth!  We are so happy to have had a healthy pregnancy this time around with no complications or scares.  What a blessing that has been!  So now we wait and see when this little girl decides to make her appearance.  I think it would be fun to have her be Michael's birthday present (meaning this sat.) but not looking likely :)
But...wouldn't that be cool.  I mean, SK came on Father's Day, it just seems fitting to have Evelyn arrive on his birthday! 
Moving on....
I am full term now, which is exciting.  My doctor asked today our thoughts on induction.  He is fine with either way, to induce or to not.  There's a lot to weigh into this....  like being able to plan out care for SK better, and inducing on a day that Michael doesn't have a full load of classes, and knowing that my doctor will be the one there to deliver.  But on the other side of the coin, I liked going into labor with Sk, and I knew my body was ready, and delivery went fairly smoothly....oh....decisions...
We wouldn't necessarily induce early or more than a week before due date, but it is something to consider as we get closer.
Let's go ahead and take a poll too on when this little girl's birthday will be and her weight for fun?
What do you think?

No matter how or when this all goes down, I am excited to meet this little girl and have her in my arms! 
**Funny side note....
I was looking online this last weekend at ways to induce labor yourself and it is quite funny the ideas out there on the internet.  I already knew many of the ways that people say help get labor going, but some were new to me...
for instance...
Did you ever hear galloping like a horse????  Yep.
And swinging on a swing.
Those were the two that made me laugh out loud and made Michael take the computer away from me :)
So if you see me around campus galloping to the playground then take a swing....don't look at me funny, just know I am trying everything to go into labor :) maybe you can laugh at me and tell me I have lost my mind.  I have, I know it.


  1. That would be awesome to see you gallop to the swings! I would be happy to join you if it will help your feelings. :) and I was induced all four times and will be glad to talk it out wih you if THAT would help your feelings.

  2. Gallop away! You are preggo and have a little one, everyone already knows your crazy! :)