Saturday, June 23, 2012

VBS Week

We have just wrapped up VBS at the Kirk this week.  This was SK's first year to be old enough to attend and she was so excited!   Other than the first day, she wore her "cool" new VBS shirt everyday, which momma didn't mind since it made for less laundry to tend to in getting ready to go out of town tomorrow.  Last night they had a wrap up picnic outside then we got to see all of the songs and such that they had been learning all week. 
I can't believe my baby is old enough to go to this...she is getting so big!  And, to watch her on the stage last night sing their main song that they learned was pretty fun too.  It is fun to watch each time she gets up to sing for something like Christmas or Easter or VBS and each time she gets it a little more.  She does more and more of the motions each time and knows the words better and better.  She was great this time singing right along and doing all of the motions.  I think she is cute :)  I am allowed to think that right??!!?!
(can you see her? I was a bad momma and didn't bring my camera last night when they sang....Thanks Coralie for letting me snag yours!)

It was a busy fun filled week for sure.  Michael finished up his summer class yesterday as well!  Can I get a "WOOHOO!!"  He is officially off from school from now until the end of August.  But don't let that fool ya, we are still gonna be busy.  Between work and travels, I am sure the time with fly by.  But we are going to enjoy having Daddy around some more. 
Since the week has been so busy, we are down to the wire now on packing for our trip.  We leave tomorrow and there is lots to do today.  Pack....clean...ect. ect.  And, Michael is gone already this morning helping someone from our church move for what I hear is going to be till later this afternoon.  I am refusing to stress though.  We will get it all done.  And we are leaving for vacation for 2 weeks tomorrow!!  How can I be stresed :) 
We are heading to the lake in IL this week then it's down to Alabama time! 
Not sure if there will be any time for computer stuff (like blogging or internet stuff)...we shall see.  I am looking forward to relaxing and hanging out as a family this week.  I have my knitting and smocking projects all ready and waiting for me. 
I am off to start the first load of laundry for the day.  Then it is time to conquer the packing! 


  1. Oh, have a WONDERFUL time! I'm praying it is restful for you all.

  2. So excited to see you!!!