Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Recap of our weekend with Nana and Papa

So after Friday's big birthday celebration we had more fun with Nana and Papa.  After the birthday party, SK requested dinner at the Old Spaghetti Factory downtown, so that is exactly where we headed.  There was even a guy walking around making balloon animals/things for kiddos, so SK got to request a purple flower and she was so excited!  After eating up her "scetti" she got sung to by the whole restaurant and then devoured her vanilla icecream :)

Sat. morning we relaxed and took it easy after such a busy day before.  Then Sk decided she wanted to take Nana and Papa to see the Magic House then get some yogurt down in Kirkwood. 

Sat. night meant date night for Mommy and Daddy (which means date night for Sk with her Nana and Papa at Chick-fil-A!). 
The rest of the weekend we just enjoyed hanging out and being together.  SK took every chance she could to introduce Nana to everyone by saying, "This is my friend, Nana!"  It was pretty stinkin cute :)
Tickle games, movies, and cuddles were enjoyed too!  We were sad to see them leave Monday morning, but know that it's only a couple weeks till we get to Alabama and get to see everyone down there that we miss so much!

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