Thursday, June 21, 2012

Birthday Date with Daddy!

SK and her daddy have a tradition of going on a date each year on or close to her birthday.  This year was a special date since it happened to coincide with a Daddy/Daughter date night at CFA (SK's favorite place to eat!)  SK got all cute in a skirt and was so excited about taking Daddy to CFA.  They did it up at CFA with table cloths, fake candles and pretty flowers at the tables.  They even had toppings for the kiddos icecream, like m&m's!  After eating dinner, SK and Michael got to head outside and take a carriage ride with a horsey and Cinderella carriage!  She was so excited and the pictures turned out pretty cute too :)  (I told Daddy he must take a picture for me to see their fun night!)

I love seeing Sk and her daddy have fun together and how she loves him so much :)  Makes my heart melt! 

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  1. I love love love that they have a Daddy/daughter date on her birthday. Precious pictures!