Monday, June 18, 2012

Sarah Kate's Princess Party

Lots of blogging to catch up on!  We have had a fun filled weekend for sure.  Sarah Kate's birthday was on Friday and it was a packed in fun day!  Nana and Papa got in town on Thursday night and helped get everything ready for the big girl's big day.  When SK got up Friday morning she followed some signs and balloons to the living room to find all of us waiting for her.  Nana and Papa had her present sitting on top of the table.  Of course, my girl is not necessarily a morning person so it took her a little bit to even realize she had walked past all of the balloons and see the new bike sitting on top of the table :)

We had a fun morning making cupcakes and decorating while Daddy was in class then had some lunch and got all dressed up for the princess party with her friends.

SK wanted a painting princess party and I found lots of fun ideas on pinterest to copy!  I found a fun blog that used a princess castle for decorating on the table and it just so happened that SK got the same castle from Mimi for her birthday!  It was a fun party to plan for sure.  We took the girls outside to paint the background of their canvasses then left them to dry in the sun while we had cupcakes.  Each girl had a fun milk glass (aka Starbucks frapaccino bottles!) with their names written on them with chalkboard contact paper. 

We finished up our canvasses with some princess crowns and Bible verses mod podged on them and danced and played with balloons for a bit too!  SK had a blast at her party and I loved how it turned out. 

One of the funniest things was when the princesses all sat at the table and picked out their cupcakes.  They each got a cupcake, then I asked if anyone wanted some of the veggies and dip I had too, not really thinking they would want those after already being offered the chocolate cupcake....low and behold they all wanted veggies :)  Then they all say quietly eating their veggies!  SK even asked for the top to be cut off of her cupcake since she didn't want the icing, just the cake part.  I was amazed :)

Speaking of the icing...I was excited to come up with a way to make pink icing without using food coloring.  I have really tried lately to be more aware of what we are eating and what ingredients are in our food.  So I really was hoping to be able to stick to that and not use food coloring, but still be able to give SK her pink cupcakes she requested.  So what did I use???  Beet juice.  Yep.  Don't get didn't taste funky at all.  In fact, you couldn't even taste it.  And it turned out a lovely shade of pink ;)
After the cupcakes we finished up our canvasses by putting on princess crowns and a Bible verse on them.  Then SK got to open her presents and dance and play with all of the balloons!
Overall it was such a fun party and I know Sk had a blast at it.  I had fun planning it too!
Sk was so cute when she openned up her presents from mommy and daddy too.  She had very specific requests and we tried to get some of them at least.  Her favorite she says is her new Dora goggles :)
She says that now she can swim and put her face under the water.  We will see about that...she hasn't had a chance to try them out in the water yet!
More blogs to come today later...We had a fun weekend with Nana and Papa including dinner out at the Old Spaghetti Factory as Sk requested! 


  1. Oh SO fun! I hope the crowns worked out for you guys! :) Happy Birthday sweet Sarah Cake! :)

    (p.s. I love seeing pics into your home. Those shelves with all the frames on them are so fun. And seeing you with a pregnant belly just makes me smile.)

  2. Love it!!! Glad SK had a great Bday. I just echo everything that V wrote. So cool and awesome to see that belly! lol. I also was thinking how awesome it is to see you guys make your house your home. Even though I miss you terribly! See you guys in a few weeks!