Thursday, July 12, 2012

Still here :)

I know it has been over 2 weeks since I posted.  We've been out of town and still trying to get back settled in.  Lots of blogging needs to be done to catch up on what all we have been up to lately.
Let's get started....shall we?
So after VBS ended (my last post) we headed out of town to spend 5 days in Illinois at a lake with the family I nanny for.  They put us up in a cabin and we took care of their little girl while they raced in a sailboat race thing (I know there is a more technical name for it...just can't remember it right now).  We spent some time around the cabin and pool there at the place we were staying and some time at the lake where Molly's parents were racing.  They even took us out  on their boat 2 times!  SK loved getting on the boat!  It was a fun week and a relaxing week.  We didn't really have internet access and didn't turn on the tv barely at all.  That was nice to be a bit disconnected for those days.
SK brought her fishing rod and one afternoon her and Daddy decided to take her out to give it a try in the pond by our cabin.  Within 10 minutes she had caught a bass that was big enough to break her line!  I caught it on video, which was fun!  She was excited about it till she saw it snap her line then she jumped back and decided she would rather catch smaller fish from now on :)
The next day they headed back out to try to catch more, Daddy taking his rod this time too and caught nothing.  They had fun though :)
We really did have a great time at the lake and it was nice to get away as a family and enjoy that time together relaxing and having fun!  On Friday, we headed out from there to Alabama!  That will be another post though...
SO here are some pictures of our time at IL:

Hopefully I can get to the post on Alabama soon too.  We are slowing getting back settled around here.  I finally unpacked SK's bag yesterday.  Slow progress.  I am feeling the need to get in some naps when I can this week too.  I think the third trimester is hitting me hard with the tiredness and all.  I need to get more energy soon though.  Lots to do in the coming weeks like get Eveyln Joy's room ready for her arrival.  Time is starting to draw near and nothing has been done in her room yet...

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