Friday, July 20, 2012

Day 1...

Well...I guess we made it our first day without Daddy here.  Whew.  I miss him.  Kinda pitiful that it has only been a little over 24 hours and I miss the heck out of him.  1 day down...18 to go.
I tried to keep things positive and have a fun afternoon with SK and go out for a little bit then pick up a pizza for dinner.  We even went to the dollar tree and I let her spend one of her dollars :)  What did she pick?  Silly string that provided all of 3 minutes of entertainment outside after our pizza dinner.  Then came bedtime.  SK wanted to snuggle on the couch, so did mommy.  We snuggled then she asked if we could Skype daddy.  Then...we both start to cry.  I try to explain that he is on the airplane right now and can't and won't be able to while he is in Capetown, but she didn't like that and wasn't buying it.  Therefore mommy got even more sad.
She is in the bed now and better.  Hopefully we will be able to hear from him tomorrow morning.  He is supposed to land around 1 or 2 a.m. our time here.
I have got the whole next week off from nannying so I am trying to make a list of projects to do while we have some more time.  I started washing some baby stuff tonight.  I am hoping to keep busy so the days pass quickly.
I miss my hubby.

Today went slow.  The other 18 better go quicker than today went.

Ok, enough of a downer blog.  Sorry.   I promise to not be a downer for the next 2 weeks.  Well...I guess I better not promise that.  I take it back.  I will try to not be though.  I am hoping to do some fun stuff with SK.  We are going treasure hunting soon we decided :)  That means going to goodwills and such looking for treasures.
Off to do something before bedtime for me.
If you see this tonight, pray for Michael and his safety.  Right now he is about half way through his flight.  Pray he is able to get some sleep and rest on the plane and adjust to the time change well.  Pray for the pilots.
Pray for me too.  I am kinda dumpy about missing my hubby.  I love the guy and don't like being without him.  We haven't really ever done the being apart thing much since being married.  Like...we have only had 2 nights apart since being married.  I know the Lord will give us all strength to endure this and we are so totally excited for what the Lord will do there, but it doesn't mean it will be easy.
The Lord has a plan through all of this.  I know the Lord paved the way for this trip and this is all a part of HIS perfect plan.  I pray I can continue to rest in that.


  1. Praying sweet daughter for Michael's safety and a peaceful heart for u. My heart goes out to u and SK as u go through the next 17 days. I have faith God will give u some awesome days for just the two of u, sweet memories that SK will always remember with her mommy. HE is so good like that!

  2. Praying for you girls. Daddies are so important! I love the new picture up there of you and Michael. You both look like babies! I suppose you were since it was what it probably seems like a lifetime ago. At least that is how I feel when I look at pictures of me and Brian before kids! Love you friend!