Tuesday, July 24, 2012

2 weeks now...

Today marks 2 weeks till Daddy returns to us.  That seems better than 19 days right?  We are still having our sad moments of missing daddy, but we are having some fun too.  Yesterday we decided to go swimming in the afternoon since SK was getting a little bored with mommy.  She and I both had fun and some good laughs.  We needed that :)  It is hard to single parent.  Really hard.  I have had to repent for my lack of patience multiple times with her.  I had to ask her to forgive mommy and pray that the Lord would give me more patience and the strength to do this.  She has been a booger at times, but also been so sweet to me.  Yesterday, I started to cry after having a hard time talking to Daddy on the phone (he called and the call kept getting dropped after only 30 seconds or so...).  She climbed up in my lap and started rubbing my arm and snuggling me telling me that it was ok and don't be sad.  Her sweet face was incredible at that moment.
So back to the swimming.  SK did swim lessons the last couple weeks and I was determined to take her this week to keep up with her confidence and what she learned during the lessons.  She did awesome.  She doesn't swim independently yet, but she isn't far.  She now loves showing how she puts her face in the water (holding her breath) and swims all over of the pool with a noodle.  Her favorite part I am sure she would say is now jumping off the side.  She jumps so far and tells you to back up!  And, unlike a couple weeks ago, she likes it when you let her go under the water a bit when you catch her.  She probably jumped off the side a good 20 times before Mommy decided I needed to rest a bit from it :)
We have some playdates set up for this week, so that will help SK not being so bored with mommy.  I am trying to be fun, but I just get tired more quickly and really want to be selfish and lay on the couch....
She needs to have some friend time :)  For both of our sakes!  Today we are having a tea party with a couple buddies.  Can't wait to see her have fun with that!
On to a Michael update...
I don't know much.  We haven't been able to talk too much and when we do the cell service is very spotty. I was quite frustrated with it yesterday.  He sounds good though and having fun during the day.  He sounds like evenings after they get back to their place are hard for him.  He misses us most during that time.  Yesterday he sounds like he wanted to jump on a plane and come back to us :)  As nice as that sounds, I know that isn't what the Lord called him there to do.  So...pray for his evenings, will ya?  Pray for him to be able to sleep well and get the rest he needs and for him to develop good friendships there that will be encouraging to him and point him to Christ, esp. during the evenings.  Thanks, friends ;)
We didn't get to hear much about it, but yesterday they went to Lion Park.  All I know about it is what I have googled online.  I can't wait to hear more and see the pictures (he knows he better be taking lots of pictures!!!)  Today I believe they are going to see some other missionaries and the African Bible Institute there.
So that is an update for us I guess.  We are hanging in there.  Definitely having some fun, but missing each other too.  I can't wait to have him back and hear all about his time there.  I am so excited for what he is learning and what the Lord is teaching him through this time.
No pictures for the next couple weeks from me.  Michael has the camera and better be using it lots! (did I already mention that???)
Hope everyone else is having a good week! (Did I mention that I do have this week off from work?)  So it is just me and SK all week, which is nice and fun :)

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  1. hello friend! rachel cathey here from alabama :-) would you please tell Sarah Kate that she will be getting a letter from her newest pin pal, sarah jo! sarah jo spotted her picture on our fridge, and she has become completely enthralled with her friend who lives so far away. how sweet is that! but anyway, we are praying for you ALL here in the cathey home. love you friends!

    and here's a link to my flickr so you can show sarah kate a pic or two of us :-) so thankful for covenant family!