Saturday, July 28, 2012

Rise and shine :)

I have been awake since 4 a.m.  Not much you can do at 4 a.m. really.  I sit here wide awake though.  I am kinda ready to have my hubby back.  I kinda like the guy, you know :)
So to entertain myself and you at this insane hour, let's chat, shall we?
What can I blog about??
I have been able to chat with Michael everyday.  That has been nice.  They have only been 10 minute conversations, so that is sad, but I will be thankful that we can talk at all.  He says he is doing his best to write down each night things he wants to remember and tell us about when he gets back.  And I remind him almost daily to be taking plenty of pictures, which he says he is trying :)
From what he has told me about so far (no details really, just a quick summary of his day) they have spent time at the campus (University of Cape Town), gone to Lion Park and Cape Point, a township close by, a school (younger children), a prison, and today they go to an orphanage I believe.  I am sure they have  been and done plenty other things, but it is 4 a.m. and that is all I can think of right now.
I am so excited to hear all the details of his trip when he returns.  For now, I will enjoy our 10 minute conversations each day.
On another note (this is probably going to end up being a pretty random blog....have I mentioned it is 4 a.m.?) pregnancy is going well.  I haven't done a good job taking any pictures or such this pregnancy....  I remember with SK, I took the weekly pictures to watch my belly grow....not so much this time.
I am 31 weeks pregnant now.  Woohoo!  I can't believe in 9 weeks or so we will be holding our sweet baby girl.
I am starting to really feel the need to get some stuff done. It's about time right? :)  By this stage with SK we had the room just about done and clothes put away and such.  This time, not so much.  We plan to get the crib out when Michael gets back.  I have started making some things for the room, cause you know I have to do some crafty things in there :)  On my list of things to make...
*wood sign thing (that Michael is in charge of when he gets back...)
*a mobile

All of this thanks to pinterest :)  That place has given me so many ideas, I can't help myself from wanting to make it all!  Of course there are other things that need to be done too like organize the clothes and put them away.  I did wash them, but now they sit in a big pile on the floor waiting to be organized.  One step in the right direction, right?
Hopefully I can accomplish some of this stuff before the hubby returns.  We are on the countdown now.  10 days!
Oh, more about pregnancy....cravings.  Man, do I have cravings.  These cravings include: italian ice (it has been over 100 degrees most days...), ice (love me some good ice to chew on...), grilled cheese sandwiches with tomato soup (which taste better when your hubby makes them for you), root beer/root beer floats, sprite, rice crispy treats, chocolate chip cookies, french fries (CFA specifically--which I discovered yesterday they now have a cheese dipping sauce that was!!!), a good steak, spaghetti....
That is all I can think of now.
I have been so clumsy this pregnancy too.  All in all, I think I have broken 7-8 glass things in our kitchen.  I should just fire myself from handling glassware, but is that possible when you are constantly hungry and feeding a 4 year old?
Evelyn is quite the mover too.  Somehow she will push out both sides at the same time.  Let me say it is really fun when she decides to do it in the middle of the night.  And sometimes it feels like she is doing a tap dance on my hip bones.  I must say that I do love to feel her move though.  I like watching my stomach dance around and know that there is a little baby girl in there.  What a huge blessing I have waited to see for so long.
Alright, enough jabbering.  If you are still reading...I hope I have entertained you and I hope you are sleeping better than me :)

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