Saturday, July 23, 2011

Were going on a treasure hunt...

So I decided that SK and I would have a girl's morning out while Daddy needed to do some Sunday School prep. We got up this morning and headed out to some garage/estate sales. Sk got her purse all ready this morning with her money (all of $2) and we set out for some "treasures" as Sk said. It was fun to hang out with my girl and see her get so excited to find some fun things. So after 4 sales, Sk spent a whopping .45 cents which got her a fun flower, a book, and a spin top thing. I spent $3.20 which got a lamp (with shade), a picture (I got for .10!), a mason jar, a cork board and a copper cake pan thing (I am sure there is an actually name for this, but I can't think of it...). I have some crafty ideas up my sleeves for these finds. I was happy to find the lamp since our dining area really needed better lighting and it seemed to be just the right size. After some hot glue and ribbon, I think it turned out pretty cute :) Maybe I will get around to the other projects this week and show you, but for now here's the lamp and of course, this blog would not be complete without a picture of SK, right :)
And, I might as well throw in one too of our fun last night at the seminary picnic. Sk had a blast playing in the sprinklers and pools and some swinging too! Can you see those dirty piggies! She was covered head to toe in dirt after that night, but she had fun and that's what is important!
We are loving living on campus, now if we could just get there weather to chill a little (hehe) we could enjoy some outside time some more.

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