Tuesday, July 5, 2011

4th of July festivities!

We had a fun day yesterday celebrating our country's freedom with some new friends. We got together with 2 other families, all of which have girls, so there were a total of 5 little girls having a blast playing together all afternoon and into the evening. I will let the pictures give a run down of our time:
Pool time--This is the first of about 100 times down this slide :)
Sidewalk chalk fun!
Popsicle break!
Watermelon break--So yes, the day had lots of yummy food involved :)---And I didn't take any pictures of our actual meal, but yes we did eat more than just snacks...
Mini-pools :)
Marshmallow and graham cracker snacks!
On the way to go see the fireworks--red cheeks are from running laps around with her buds for a solid 30 minutes. And, I forgot to mention she totally didn't nap yesterday either before headed to our friends place. She was running on fumes and I guess the sugar helped too :)
We loved the fireworks show! She occasionally would do this saying it was "so, so loud!"
This is the reaction she gave the rest of the time watching the fireworks. It was so fun to see her gasp and light up when the purple ones lit up the sky. Purple is her favorite color and she was so excited to see the purple ones and would totally gasp with just about every one of them :) and then clap and say "More!! Please!"
We headed back to our car at 10:00 from watching the fireworks and were completely tuckered out. I put her into jammies in the car and she was fast asleep within 2 minutes and is still asleep this morning. Fun times!

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  1. What precious memories you are making. Ones that will stand out in Sarah Kate's little mind for her lifetime thongs come and go but sweet memories can never be taken away!! Your blog always makes me smile. So blessed to call you my daughter. Thank you God for allowing me to be your mothe,so undeserving,just nlessef