Monday, July 11, 2011

Crafty things going on :)

Moving always inspires me to be crafty and change things up with our decorating. I wasted no time with this move. My poor husband didn't get much break, other than not having class last week, so that helped :) So on to the projects, right!?!
I found these ledges from this website that I absolutely love. It is also the website that inspired the kitchen that we built for SK last year. For the first time since moving to St. Louis, we went to Lowes. It was so fun. We spent a total of $10 on this project for the wood and already had the stain, so a cheap project to say the least. We decided to do 3 foot ledges instead of the 4 foot like on the website, being in a smaller space and all. I think they turned out fun and a great place to display some of our special art and pictures.
Speaking of special art. You see the yellow artwork of SK's on there. She had a blast getting out our paints and painting a special picture for our new ledges. If you can't tell, she drew 2 arches (like the famous St. Louis arch downtown).
Also on the ledges, you see the fun chalkboard? I decided to turn one of our pictures that I had decided I was not really loving anymore into a chalkboard. It was a super easy project. I took the old frame and spraypainted it in a fun yellow, then used chalkboard spraypaint to spray the glass. I already had the chalkboard paint, so the only cost was the yellow spraypaint, which I am sure will come in handy for more projects :)
We also now have 2 bathrooms in our apartment, whereas our last apt. only had 1. So I decided I would rather make a cute one for SK than buy a store made one. I LOVE how this turned out. I bought the fabric on sale last weekend and found this idea online for making a pleated shower curtain.

So that is it for now. I am happy with how each of these projects turned out and look forward to more, but now for rest. Maybe one of these projects will inspires someone else to get their craft on!

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