Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Fun weekend!

We just got back from taking Michael, Alli and Haven to the airport for them to head back to Alabama. So sad. The time went too quickly. We had so much fun with them. The girls did so good having slumber parties in SK's room each night and napped every day, so that was nice. So here is a rundown with pictures of course of what all we accomplished with them:
Lots of hugs were shared :) This is at Grant's Farm on the first day after they got into town.
The blue mouths are from some yummy shaved ice treats! They thought they were big stuff checking out the clysdales with their daddies!
Lots of hand holding :) We walked over to the house that I nanny at for a dip in the pool after naps on the first day.
Sunday morning (Yep, matching skirts!) getting ready to head to church!
Sunday afternoon checking out the arch!
Sunday night we headed to SK's favorite place, the Old Spaghetti factory and had a yummy dinner and even got special balloons (purple flowers of course!)
At the Magic House on Monday morning getting all electrified!
Haven's turn!
Icecream treats after nap on Monday! They wanted chocolate with pink, so the closest we could come up with is chocolate icecream with strawberries and it was a hit! (and a mess!)
We did lots of dressing up, even dressed up to go play ping pong at the community center on campus!
Tues. Morning playtime at the playground before heading to the airport. They wanted to squeeze into the 1 seater car, it was tight, but they fit!
So there ya go. There are plenty more pictures, but this will do for now :) It was so fun to see the girls get to play together and have so much fun! Michael finished with greek 1 on Friday and started 2 yesterday, which seems like it will be quite the amount of work. 3 more weeks till we can say we made it through summer greek though. I think we can. I think we can. I think we can. Then we are off to Alabama for a week! Woohoo!

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