Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Sewing like crazy :)

I know I have been pitiful on blogging lately. I guess we are just too busy having fun this summer :) We are continuing to get settled into our new home and loving living where we are now. I have also been doing lots of new projects lately too. So after finishing the shower curtain (ok, so technically it is not finished since I didn't hem it before hanging it, but maybe I will get to that sometime soon...), I have found some new ideas for SK I have wanted to tackle. It all began with this little website/thing (what do you call it???) called Pinterst. It can be quite addicting, but oh so fun. I have found so many fun ideas for recipes, sewing, crafts with SK, and just plain fun
stuff. So far, I have tackled 3 things...
First I finally tried my hand at these reusable snack bags. I knew they would be a quick fun project and easy. I also wanted to figure them out before having some friends over tomorrow night to show them how to make them :) I can't wait to make more of these. SK loved it too, which was fun. I used this tutorial, but came up with the idea to use a nylon material that was easily cleanable without having to thow it in the wash after every use. I have to give Michael the credit for coming up with using a shower curtain liner, and it worked wonderfully and was really cheap, considering how many liners I can get out of it!
The next project was for SK's new bathroom. I needed something for her walls to match the new shower curtain that I made. I came across this canvas at the free store that had something on it that didn't necessarily go with our decor, but add a little spray paint and some fun flowers and we have a free art piece for her bathroom! I got this idea here.
Lastly, I made this little dress for Sk today. I used this tutorial for it, which was super quick and easy too. After I made it, I realized it reminded me of something...Sk's nursery :) The walls were the color of that sash and had black and white on everything. I loved that nursery...anyways, back to the dress. So simple. You use a t-shirt and make a bubble skirt to attach. Fun right :)
SO that is what we have been up to this week outside of the normal stuff. I has been too hot here to get outside much. We are on the countdown now to our Alabama trip. Michael will finish greek next Friday and then we are off for a week of fun! No alarm clocks, lots of hugs and laughs, and good times :)

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  1. I love it all!!! So wish I could kidnap you for a week to give me good ideas for the rooms I'm having painted!!! JK Michael!! So proud of you Shelle!!
    Love ya!!!